3 Timeless User Experience Principles

By January 13, 2017General

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When judging a website it’s easy to take a quick look and decide on an image, sentence or even a shade of blue that you don’t like. But at the crux of it, User Experience is the aspect that counts for the most.

It’s important that if an IT prospect lands on your page, they don’t bounce after 3 seconds of fast-pace scanning because they couldn’t find the ‘Contact Us’ page… (Another prospect bites the dust).

And with over a billion websites out there today it’s easy to find yourself left behind in the fast-paced world of trendy web design agencies. However, there are a few principles you can follow in your next website re-design project that will ensure you never deter a prospect again… (As an IT marketing agency we know our stuff).


If potential IT leads to your website find themselves distracted or confused then there is a good chance they will need more time to find what they came for – or they will forget their original intention all together. Either way, they will not experience a user-friendly website and will leave feeling dissatisfied and frustrated. (Not good for your brand).

Visitors come to your site with certain goals in mind, and it is your job to enable them to meet those goals as quickly and easily as possible (e.g. take a look at our quick menu) which can be done through:

  • Consistency – Create a consistent experience across your whole website to keep your visitors at ease and your content easily digestible.
  • Simplicity – Focus on what’s important, without any distractions, prospects are more likely to do what you want them to.
  • Guidance – Grab your visitor by the hand from the second they arrive at your site, and lead them the whole way through.


This is a crucial aspect of any User Experience. If you can provide a prospect with the exact solution to a problem they are seeking to solve, but they don’t trust your website, then everything you’ve done has been for nothing.

One of the best ways to gain trust and credibility on the internet is to demonstrate to your audience that you are a real company with real people, therefore an ‘About Us’ page is a necessary component. (Especially in the B2B marketing space).

Of course, your content plays a role in earning trust as well, try and be honest and precise. When writing for your website, be sure to give it a human voice so that your prospects feel a sense of familiarity with your brand. Third-party testimonials also show human interaction, reinforcing to prospects that you can be trusted.


If someone is trying to access your site, and for whatever reason, they can’t do so – your site becomes worthless.

Here are a few of the basics of availability and accessibility:

  • Mobile Responsiveness – Make sure your site can be viewed on different screen sizes with ease and with slow connections.
  • Server Uptime – It’s important to ensure your visitors don’t get an error trying to load your site so invest in good hosting!
  • Broken Links – Nothing will send a visitor back to Google Search faster than a dead link and an error page.

Final Thoughts

A good User Experience for a website is not something that can be obtained overnight, it’s all about research, testing and re-testing until you get the right design and relevancy for your prospects.

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