tortoise and hareThe article I read today was so great about the hare and the tortoise that I just wanted to share it with you. Some of you may have read ‘Thinking fast and slow’ and I guess this article was along the same lines.

It was written by Stephen Guise, who’s website is

He describes the site as providing ‘creative strategies for lasting change’. I find his style warm, engaging and thought provoking. I’d really encourage you to check out his site. For some reason, I can’t see the hare and rabbit story on there, so maybe it was only on the emails that go out. For that reason, we’ve created a quick page so you can read the whole thing, here.

His article about the hare and the tortoise was particularly great for his imaginative version of the modern day rematch, in which he describes the tortoise fans attending with their ‘slow and steady’ branded T-shirts and the lovely comfy bed that tempted the hare on the final lap.

Without spoiling the blog for you too much, the result was only ever going to be one way…this time, the hare won! Why? Well because despite his haste (and I’m paraphrasing a lot here), he didn’t procrastinate, learned from his previous mistakes and this time, made the right decisions.

Stephen goes on to explain that we’re often scared of making decisions. That it’s easier to not make a decision, while kidding yourself that you’re just considering the options. That actually many of us are paralysed by fear of failure and procrastination.

How about if we did the opposite? Made decisions faster and just got on with things? Sure, we may not get everything right, and may even make mistakes sometimes, but we do get things done. And we all know that even though making mistakes is painful, it’s also the best way to learn. Richard Branson says the same in his blog.

So maybe by making faster decisions we make our mistakes quicker…but we also learn from them more quickly, too!

I’ll let Stephen finish off with a direct quote from him: ‘Make the decision RIGHT NOW to be a quick decision-maker, and practice practice practice until it’s a habit! Take the weight of being a perfect chooser off of yourself and experience the freedom in decisiveness.You’re allowed to make some wrong decisions when you’re making a lot of RIGHT decisions.’

So, any decisions you’re procrastinating over? What’s the worst that could happen? Is it actually even slightly likely to happen? Then make the decision…and get on with the rest of your day! My next decision…is coffee.

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