SALES-AND-MARKETING-PLANETSAre sales and marketing on different planets? Sometimes it really seems as though the two departments are working for different companies, or certainly different goals! And sadly, there is often a disparity between how the two are measured and managed and that in part can highlight these issues.

The way we see it is that sales and marketing are both part of the same process: finding, winning and keeping customers. If you look at a traditional sales funnel, it used to be that sales people went further ‘back’ up the funnel. They did tasks that involved finding new prospects and making first contact. Today, the role of marketing has deepened and broadened meaning that marketing is usually how new prospects and customers are introduced. That’s a good thing, right?

Well, as is often the case, yes…and no. Marketing has a larger remit, but if you ask sales what marketing should be doing the answer is usually pretty clear – delivering leads. But what actually constitutes a lead? We often hear (usually from marketing people) that sales people only class a lead as someone they have to call up to take the order! We usually hear (from sales people) that when they contact a lead, it’s gone cold, or isn’t interested, and was never a lead in the first place.

Who’s right? (There’s only one way to find out….fiiiiight!) What’s most likely is often that both sides are frustrated and what comes out is blame and disappointment.

So how do you get your marketing and sales teams to work together more effectively? Well, funny you should ask!

In a recent post on Linkedin, Zoe Sands talks about the new world of sales and marketing being ‘a connected world where sales and marketing combine account based marketing with social selling to create a trust advisor environment where customers want to partner with forward thinking organisations’.

Ultimately, a new prospect or customer doesn’t care about where ‘sales’ starts and ‘marketing’ stops. They just see, and experience your brand and service.

So if you want to make sure you’re presenting the most seamless customer experience possible, then join us at the next IT Marketing Leaders Forum event, where we’ll be looking at how best to align sales and marketing. This event is all about how, as a marketing leader you can deliver more strategic value and exert greater influence within your business by positively affecting the strength of your proposition and joining up sales and marketing. We’ll be covering how to understand what sales people actually want and how to deliver for them, effective messaging, why emotion is so important and how to formulating an effective marketing strategy.

It’s going to be at a fantastic location – the New Armouries Building at the Tower of London!

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