The Year of Customer Experience

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Customer expectations are changing. Customers in 2017 expect brands to deliver service and value in any channel, irrespective of the channel or what kind of industry or product your brand represents.

As customer expectations change a new commercial prize is becoming clear (and as an IT Marketing Agency, we want to take that prize). Customer Experience (CX) is the battleground for competitive advantage, where customers will be won or lost.

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Avoid Too Much Content on your Website

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Content is, undoubtedly, a big part of online marketing and businesses know it, and that why they put significant budgets in generating valuable material. However, to provide consumers with information, some marketers tend to overdo it. Yes, there is such a thing as too much writing when marketing. When creating content, you are trying to appeal to the audience through knowledge and aiming for engagement that will hopefully lead to something more such as a purchase. Good quality content will contribute to increasing your web traffic. However, when your word count is overshooting the mark, it can have the opposite effects.

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3 Timeless User Experience Principles

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User experience. Chart with keywords and icons

When judging a website it’s easy to take a quick look and decide on an image, sentence or even a shade of blue that you don’t like. But at the crux of it, User Experience is the aspect that counts for the most.

It’s important that if an IT prospect lands on your page, they don’t bounce after 3 seconds of fast-pace scanning because they couldn’t find the ‘Contact Us’ page… (Another prospect bites the dust). Read More

The Truth About Leads

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In short, a lead is someone who has indicated some type of interest in your product or service and they have entered your customer relations system.

With more advanced Customer Relationship Management tools than ever, marketers have adopted new terms that define leads so that they can be better segmented into the appropriate sales cycle.

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Surviving in the SEO Arena

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Google boasts over 3 billion online searches daily and jumping through its algorithmic hoops to get your site at or near the top of any Search Engine Results page is the primary aim of any SEO project.

When building any serious website (or improving an existing one) there are several technical methods you can use to boost your site up the rankings in Search Engine results.

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5 Top Lead Generation Strategies for Facebook

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Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has grown exponentially, reaching the 100 million user milestone just 4 years after its conception. From here, constant technological and social development and a center stage in the media has led to the well-oiled social media platform that we all know and love today.

However, this is by no means the end of the story, especially for social marketers like you and me. With over 1.1 billion active monthly users, and an abundance of opportunities for targeting and paid advertisements, Facebook should be a key aspect in any lead generation campaign.
With only 50% of marketers using Facebook for lead generation, the audience is up for grabs and by following these 5 top lead generation strategies, that audience could be all yours… But how?
To find out you can keep reading or download our Ebook on the science behind successful Facebook Advertising.

1) Contagious Content

For content that works on Facebook, the key is to strike a balance between offering content that is valuable for brand positioning, and content that is fun and shareable on social channels.
If you can show value to your followers, your lead generation efforts can have a huge network effect. Here at Sherpa, we have found that to successfully generate leads on Facebook, you need:
– Compelling messages
– Eye-catching visual
– Mass audience appeal and share-ability
– A clear CTA
– Personality!
– Read the HubSpot blog on 12 of the best Facebook posts for lead generation here.

2) The News Feed

This is the heart and soul of Facebook, so if you can understand how to optimise the algorithms behind the news feed to your advantage, then you will have a powerful tool to add to your repertoire.
So how do you get your posts to appear? Well, if users and their networks engage with your content, it will show up in the feed, if not, it will be dropped. Some of the other factors the algorithm considers are:
Affinity – How close is the relationship between the user and the content?
Weight – What type of action was taken on the content?
Decay – How current is the content?
Post Types – Which type of posts does a user typically interact with?

3) Promoted Posts

The key to promoting posts is to always include a strong CTA in the post, for example, ask your followers to download an asset, attend a webinar or learn about a new product… you want people to have something to click on!
How do promoted posts work? You can promote a post (including status updates, videos, blog posts and offers) directly from your News Feed, and any of these will then automatically appear higher up. In addition Facebook live videos appear higher in the News feed than anything else, and you can read about 7 of the best Facebook Live Videos that we’ve ever seen here.

4) Facebook Ads

Facebook ads provide highly targeted opportunities to reach your audience. You place a bid on how much you want to pay per click or alternatively you can pay per thousand impressions. Much like a typical PPC ad, the cost depends on the popularity of your keyword terms.
You can also target Facebook ads based on a variety of demographic criteria including location, job title, age, industry, gender and more.

5) Tracking and Results

Facebook’s page insights application provides fantastic analytics, tracking and a variety of engagement and ad performance metrics. Page insights will let you see:
Page likes
Post reach
Organic/paid reach per post
Post clicks
Post likes

I hope that you find these 5 top lead generation strategies for Facebook helpful, if you want help with any other sort of demand generation we’ve been doing it for a long time now and you can read about everything we’ve learnt here. Remember, Facebook is constantly changing and while these ideas are a strong start to success, nothing beats testing each strategy for your own audience!

Inbound Marketing – the simple way

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Inbound marketing is about delivering the right content in the right place at the right time, thus creating marketing that people love. Instead of interrupting with cold calls and interruptive ads, inbound marketing attracts people to your website when they’re interested in finding a solution (yours) to their problem. Inbound marketing has four key parts, each leading into the next in a seamless flow.

1) Focused and optimised websites, blogs, targeted keywords, and social media that attract visitors instead of interrupting them with annoying marketing messages.

2) Smart websites convert these prospects into leads using calls-to-action to highlight high level content, forms to gather information in exchange for that content, and landing pages to convince people of the content’s value.

3) Prospects are assisted through their buying process using email lead nurturing, lead scoring, and follow up work flows, and closed-loop reporting to close those leads into customers.

4) Customers are delighted when smart content and lovable social media marketing delivers personalised content to keep them engaged while delivering ongoing value for the life the relationship.Inbound Marketing Made Simple

Hubspot have produced this simple image that sums up Inbound Marketing. Its basically saying that instead of focusing on EVERYTHING, inbound focuses on a few targeted techniques that might help find potential buyers/customers find you when they have made the decision in what they need. This can be done through social media, search marketing (from search engines) or through your brilliant content you create! Doing this will bring your business better and more qualified leads so your sales team can do their job!