What have I learned from my third year in Business? When to stop.

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future and past concept with yellow road sign

I had a fantastic response to my blog last year ‘What have I learned from my second year in business (which you can read here). It was a very open and honest piece and many people were kind enough to say how much they enjoyed it. There’s no doubt – Year 2 was a tough year for me personally.

Now I’m at the end of year 3 and things have changed again. I feel a bit like Daenerys Targaryen (I wish!), in that I’ve come through the flames of year 2 into a different reality. Year 3 saw more big changes to the business and it contracted in size and the number of clients we were looking after. What’s been really pleasing is that Read More

Why DO you need a marketing agency?

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why-agency-graphicNow of course I have to admit to an upfront bias with this piece, being the MD of a marketing agency n’all. But it is still surprising how many businesses I come across who are still not convinced that they need a marketing agency at all. So it’s time to put the record straight.

We work with a whole range of businesses, from huge multinationals where we advise and deliver EMEA-wide marketing strategy, to small MSP businesses with only a handful of people. And pretty much everything in between.

There tends to be 3 scenarios that we most often come across: Read More

Are Sales from Mars and Marketing from Venus?

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SALES-AND-MARKETING-PLANETSAre sales and marketing on different planets? Sometimes it really seems as though the two departments are working for different companies, or certainly different goals! And sadly, there is often a disparity between how the two are measured and managed and that in part can highlight these issues.

The way we see it is that sales and marketing are both part of the same process: finding, winning and keeping customers. If you look at a traditional sales funnel, it used to be that sales people went further ‘back’ up the funnel. They did tasks that involved finding new prospects and making first contact. Today, the role of marketing has deepened and broadened meaning that marketing is usually how new prospects and customers are introduced. That’s a good thing, right? Read More

The #CampaignForProperMarketing starts here

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homepageSo as we go into year 3 of The IT Marketing Agency, we’ve updated our website again! This is getting to be a bit of an annual occurance and some may say is just vanity, but actually I think it’s more a reflection of how quickly things change in the IT marketing space and the fact that we want to ensure we are keeping up and if we can ahead of those changes.

In fact, this iteration of our website has sent us in the words of Odyssey ‘back to our roots’ (oh yes, if over 40 you’ll now have a lovely little snippet of sound and vision that’s just popped into your head!). The reason for this is two fold really. Read More

What can David Bowie’s death teach us about living?

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david-bowieWow. I think that total shock was my first feeling on hearing the news yesterday morning. I only remember feeling affected by the death of one other ‘celebrity’ in a similar way, and that was Princess Diana. Like many people I’ve loved being reminded of the music and images that the genius of David Bowie has brought back to our screens. Also, I’ve had to explain to my children just who he was…which has been weird. For my generation and most people even vaguely around my age he needs no explanation…he was simply a global star that was part of our childhood and youth. I felt compelled to write about my thoughts and reaction to the outpouring of not just grief that the death of Bowie has produced, but the overwhelming feelings of respect and acknowledgment of his cultural importance. Read More

Why is dieting like marketing?

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dietingSo, is your New Year’s Resolution to go on a diet? Lose weight? Shape up? It’s all too common at this time of year to start planning improvements and a fresh approach. There are a surprising number of parallels between dieting and marketing – especially when you’re looking for a new year’s blog topic! Are you guilty of any of the following?

  1. The latest ‘fad’ diet – You know the one, everyone is doing it. You’ve probably had a go at it. 5:2 anyone? It seems to get results for some people and those people are not shy in sharing their experience, so suddenly it feels like everyone is doing it. To me, this seems like content marketing last year. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon and added content marketing to their plans. I definitely think there is a place for a well thought out content strategy. But it does come with the ‘well thought out’ caveat. Just because it’s working for other people doesn’t mean it will work for you. And too many people are putting out ‘junk’ content, or just recycling content from their partners. Good content should be three things:
    1. Relevant – to your audience and your business
    2. Interesting and well written – it’s really surprising how much content is poorly written: too wordy, jargon-filled or just waffle!
    3. Timely – you need to keep being relevant and interesting.

Read More

Decision making in business – The Hare and the Tortoise v2!

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tortoise and hareThe article I read today was so great about the hare and the tortoise that I just wanted to share it with you. Some of you may have read ‘Thinking fast and slow’ and I guess this article was along the same lines.

It was written by Stephen Guise, who’s website is http://deepexistence.com

He describes the site as providing ‘creative strategies for lasting change’. I find his style warm, engaging and thought provoking. I’d really encourage you to check out his site. For some reason, I can’t see the hare and rabbit story on there, so maybe it was only on the emails that go out. For that reason, we’ve created a quick page so you can read the whole thing, here. Read More