Three ways you can spend your leftover marketing budget before Christmas!

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moneyYou’ve executed nearly all your marketing plans for the year, you’ve squirreled and saved your budget in case it’s needed for contingencies or you’ve got an extra pot of MDF from somewhere that you’ve tucked away ‘just in case’…but now it’s almost Christmas (sorry, but it is!) and you’ve got 4 working weeks to use it or lose it! So what do you do? You can’t realistically execute a new campaign before Christmas, you can’t think of something ‘Christmassy’ to do and you’re not allowed to spend it on a huge party – so what are your options?

Well, here’s three things that often get shoved to the back of the pile, but that could actually help make your marketing in 2016 more effective.

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Selling and marketing to the C-suite – what you (and I!) need to know.

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At our recent IT Leaders Forum event at The Ritz, we discussed the completely different approach you need when engaging with the C suite. Whether you’re involved in selling into C level prospects, or if you’re a senior marketer involved in ‘selling in’ your marketing plans, you might be surprised to know that the best way to engage with top level execs is almost totally opposite to the way most salespeople work. It was a bit of an eye opener for me personally, and here’s why:

Based on the modelling of top performing exemplars, those who were must successful – repeatedly winner bigger, and more profitable – work base their conversations on insight, and understand that to be a serious contender they need to be able to quickly create, and demonstrate value.

 We all know that the further up the food chain you go, the busier people are and the tougher they are to reach. According to Seraph Science, only 2% of C level execs’ time is spent with suppliers – or about an hour a week. So how do you break into that space? Read More

Taking risks, and The Ritz

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ritz01Yesterday, we took a big step into the unknown…but it was at The Ritz, which made the experience very pleasant indeed!

As you may know, only a few weeks ago we set up The IT Marketing Leaders Forum, a peer group on Linkedin for marketing leaders in technology businesses. We wanted to form the group to share ideas and provide peer support to the best and brightest in the space. That in itself has been a great success with already around 200 members. Read More

What I’ve learned from my second year in business (or, that difficult second album)

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Windy_roadOh wow. I’ve learned a LOT this year! When I look back at the blog I wrote about my first year in business I want to wince a little bit. In my first year I had a lot of luck, things happened really fast and we grew superfast. We got nominated for 7 awards in our first year – it was awesome!

This year by comparison has been like growing up. We got let down by a few people, we weren’t prepared enough and I personally learnt some very painful lessons. So, in case you’re interested, a business owner yourself, or just enjoy a bit of schadenfreude, here they are: Read More