Game of Thrones and Marketing

Game of Thrones and Marketing: what we can learn

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This blog has covered quite a range of topics lately. Important marketing attributes, skills, practices and trends…from ABMMDF, *insert other acronym here* to Buyer’s JourneySEO and MarTech. You’ve patiently stuck with me as I have likened the relationship between sales and marketing to Love Island (yes, I know…it was tenuous), discussed the marketing parallels with the amount of spray tan used on Strictly (ok, this one may have been more of a stretch)…so you may be pleased that I am going to dedicate this week’s Sherpa blog to something extremely serious and very important…Game. Of. Thrones.

You would have to be living in a cave if you hadn’t heard of Game of Thrones and if you are in the minority that aren’t counting down the days, hours and minutes until the Season 8 premiere on the 14th April, then this blog might not be for you (in fact there may be spoilers if you are planning on watching the earlier series!). But then again, I actually want to focus less on the storyline and more on the marketing behind GOT (yes it even has an acronym, so sits well with us marketeers) and what we could learn from it. So here goes…  Read More

ABM MarTech Buyer’s guide – key questions to ask your vendor

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We have spoken a lot about MarTech lately…how there are currently 7000 differently applications on the market, but this is expected to increase to 9000 in the next two years…how integration is causing numerous headaches as getting these 7000 apps talking to each other is more than a challenge…how many companies end up with a Frankenstack – a series of siloed solutions. However, if you can get to a point where you are looking to make an investment what are the questions you should be asking your MarTech provider? Knowing the right questions to ask your MarTech provider is integral to narrowing down your choices. And with thousands of solutions out there, you need to narrow them down. If you’re not quite at that step yet and need some tips on how to tame your Frankenstack, then look no further – we have put together 5 top tips for taming a monstrous MarTech stack – otherwise, keep reading to find out what questions to you should be asking to take the next step as a buyer to build a technology stack for exceptional ABM.   Read More

end-to-end optimisation: why SEO isn’t enough for top results

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Asset signed off, emails built, work flows created, social posts scheduled, paid traffic poised…publish. Now for the results to pour in. Right? Refreshes campaign results…again…and again…and again. Where is everybody? We’ve all been there.

No matter how much preparation and planning go in to the build phase, no campaign is ever going to be perfect from the get go. The key is understanding how people are interacting with the campaign and how it needs to be optimised to gain more traction and enhance performance. A campaign is like a living organism – it will often die if left untended, but with nurture and careful input it will often adapt to its optimum environment and flourish with great results.   Read More

International Womens Day

Balance for Better

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As we sat in the office yesterday, working together, the same as every day, I inadvertently sent a small shockwave through the team. ‘How?’ I hear you ask…well it seemed to be such a small comment that caused much debate. I informed the team that I would be writing the blog today about International Women’s Day. Dah dah daaaaaaaah!

Zoe RookeWell this comment caused quite the discussion within our usually harmonious team…and I must add that it wasn’t a boys versus girls scenario, but there were obviously the usual jokey murmurs of “when’s International Men’s Day?” (19thNovember, for those who wish to know). However, it did prompt a discussion on industry bias, gender stereotypes and our thoughts on the feminist movement. I have to admit, I can be a little critical of women’s movements as I think all too often there is a desire for the scales to be tipped too far, but the #balanceforbetter motive has resonated with me. Opportunities should be equal and assessments should be based on performance and ability, not gender. I think balance is integral to most things we do in life, so balance in the workplace sits nicely with me.  Read More

Beware the Frankenstack: 5 tips for taming a monstrous MarTech stack

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Is your marketing technology stack giving you nightmares? Sleep easy with our quick guide to building the perfect beast.

The rise and rise of ABM

Where a few years ago some may have seen Account Based Marketing as a passing trend, it is now firmly established as the latest must have for B2B companies – and for good reason, too.

Results show that in the right situations ABM is the most effective kind of marketing. So effective, in fact, that companies using it generate 200% more revenue than those who don’t.

Of course, none of that extra revenue comes easy. ABM can be as complicated as it can be effective. Successful campaigns require deep personalisation, orchestration across multiple accounts and the ability to garner insights form the nuanced conversations and relationships.

Doing this requires some real technological clout; capabilities that go way beyond the common automation platforms most businesses invest in. And here lies the problem…  Read More


Objection handling – 7 of the best techniques

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At Sherpa our ABM and Channel ABM work finds us more & more likely to be dealing with our Client sales teams, working alongside field sales teams to deliver new revenue opportunities. It’s a challenging environment and day in day out we hear all sorts of objections.

“I don’t have the budget, the time, the resource, the inclination to hear what you’ve got to say…”. How many sales people hear this sort of response from prospects every day? It’s probably the most standard response from those on the receiving end of a sales call. In fact, I will admit to using it myself. However, how do you turn this objection in to an opportunity to extract more information and turn the prospect in to a lead?

Chris Orlab, Senior Director at, recently wrote an excellent blog on just this. Using data from 3million recorded calls and 67,149 sales meetings, Gong identified some key trends and techniques that were used by their top performing sales people. So, we thought we would share them…  Read More

Sherpa continues rapid growth in Global Operations

Sherpa continues rapid growth in Global Operations

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We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our new Client Services Director, Lee Walker, former Business Development Director for Stylus, who has has joined our rapidly growing Global Operations team this week.

Lee brings extensive marketing expertise from previous agency roles and his experience of managing numerous, successful teams throughout his career will be integral in his role as Client Services Director and ensuring Sherpa’s customers continue to be fully supported.

lwalker@mintelLee welcomed his move, saying, “I am delighted to be joining Sherpa as the business looks to continue its successful growth. Sherpa already has a strong client focus, as evidenced by its long-standing relationships and recent business wins. I am joining a remarkable team who are extremely experienced across the full marketing mix, from data management, strategic planning and ABM to content marketing, SEO and paid traffic. The skill set is incredibly diverse and I am confident that through our combined efforts our global operations will not only become more efficient, but also develop stronger and more valuable business relationships with our clients”.

Sherpa CEO, Tom Perry adds “Sherpa has a wide range of clients, made up of some of the largest companies in the tech space at present and as our client base grows and the marketing landscape continues to change, so do the required skillsets of our core team. I am a big believer of championing our team and investing in them, so ensuring the right person stepped in to the role of Client Services Director has been paramount. I have no doubt that we have found someone in Lee who can actively lead our expansion and grow our operations teams as we take on more global marketing programmes.

Our vision of creating the world’s best channel marketing agency requires people of Lee’s calibre and I’m delighted he has joined Sherpa at this time of rapid expansion”.

 If you would like to chat through your marketing requirements or would like to come and meet the team., please get in touch: / 01234 964000

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Video marketing

Let’s go straight to video

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I saw a stat during a webinar the other day that blew my mind. “100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook every day”. One hundred million! To give you a little perspective, if you were to sit down and watch that linearly, it would take you a fraction under 11,416 years to get through them all. I can’t even begin to get my head around that.

VideoPicture1Saying that, it is just after 8am and I have already watched six videos on Facebook…all around 20 seconds long, each one dragging me deeper in to the black hole of ‘pointless knowledge’. I need to know more! That’s right, I need to know how that lovely lady in Japan has solved her laundry woes by creating a hack that has revolutionised her life…it might make my life easier! Or I might just have another few minutes of my life sucked in to the Facebook vacuum! You can’t resist the draw, so imagine the power video can have when it actually provides something useful.

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Marketing - a blend of art and science

marketing – a blend of art & science?

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Confession time…some of you may have seen this blog before. But, it’s still so relevant now that it’s worth sharing again. So here you are:

Marketing Expert No. 1:

Marketing is all about creating, appreciating, and inviting a change in mindset to garner better results. It is a form of art.

Marketing Expert No. 2:

Marketing requires repeat measurement and analysis, two words closely associated with science.

So which is it?

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