Surviving in the SEO Arena

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Google boasts over 3 billion online searches daily and jumping through its algorithmic hoops to get your site at or near the top of any Search Engine Results page is the primary aim of any SEO project.

When building any serious website (or improving an existing one) there are several technical methods you can use to boost your site up the rankings in Search Engine results.

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Leading your prospects down the conversion path…

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whiteboard-849803_1920Inbound marketers use conversion paths to advance prospects through a sales and marketing funnel. To create a conversion path, decide which steps you want a visitor to take, then design content to support that conversion goal. Include your sales team in this process. Common conversion goals include collecting personal data, obtaining customer feedback, sharing industry information, and encouraging more social shares. You can write a series of blog posts, share a collection of resources or provide an online toolkit. Ask yourself, “How can we help our prospects get the information they need most at this stage in the relationship?”

There are four main parts to a conversion path/process:

    • Content – This needs to be relevant to what your customers are looking for. Ask yourself, ‘What are our prospects looking for and how can we make this simpler for them?’
    • Call-to-Action – It’s the way that your prospects are going to get to the landing page from your website and start the process. It’s the Key that unlocks the door! Because of this it need to do exactly as it says: have an action, so make sure you use actionable language and that they jump out of the page.
    • Landing Page – This is the part where the conversion starts. So your landing pages need to present the benefits of your offer/content, remembering that you need to focus on the problem that you are trying to solve for your prospect!
    • Thank You Page/Email – This marks the end of your conversion path. It’s the final tool you need to lead your prospect (website visitor) down your conversion path.

Here is a great example from Hubspot, they’ve got their piece of relevant content, made a persona-appropriate landing page and sent a thank you to the lead, all ready for the sales team to give them a call:

The Conversion Process

If you get the conversion path right, it’s pointing you in the direction of sailing your leads through the buyer’s journey!


So remember: Be fun. Be bold. Be creative!

For further reading please see how effective conversion paths work

Decision making in business – The Hare and the Tortoise v2!

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tortoise and hareThe article I read today was so great about the hare and the tortoise that I just wanted to share it with you. Some of you may have read ‘Thinking fast and slow’ and I guess this article was along the same lines.

It was written by Stephen Guise, who’s website is

He describes the site as providing ‘creative strategies for lasting change’. I find his style warm, engaging and thought provoking. I’d really encourage you to check out his site. For some reason, I can’t see the hare and rabbit story on there, so maybe it was only on the emails that go out. For that reason, we’ve created a quick page so you can read the whole thing, here. Read More

Writing your 2016 Channel Marketing Plan? Here’s some tips to help!

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It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Everyone is trying to finish up their last bits of marketing activity and decide what to do next year. We’ll all be busy presenting plans to the board, the sales operation or our boss – putting forward our case for budget and as usual trying to justify our existence!2016

It saddens me that still in so many companies marketing is seen as a ‘nice to have’ or a ‘must do’ rather than an essential part of driving the business forward – which is in fact what it really is! Ask most people which organisations they admire and two of the most often quoted are Apple and Virgin. These businesses are ALL about marketing. It’s perhaps the single biggest thing they do right. So why do we as marketers still struggle for airtime, or budget? Read More

Three ways you can spend your leftover marketing budget before Christmas!

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moneyYou’ve executed nearly all your marketing plans for the year, you’ve squirreled and saved your budget in case it’s needed for contingencies or you’ve got an extra pot of MDF from somewhere that you’ve tucked away ‘just in case’…but now it’s almost Christmas (sorry, but it is!) and you’ve got 4 working weeks to use it or lose it! So what do you do? You can’t realistically execute a new campaign before Christmas, you can’t think of something ‘Christmassy’ to do and you’re not allowed to spend it on a huge party – so what are your options?

Well, here’s three things that often get shoved to the back of the pile, but that could actually help make your marketing in 2016 more effective.

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Selling and marketing to the C-suite – what you (and I!) need to know.

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At our recent IT Leaders Forum event at The Ritz, we discussed the completely different approach you need when engaging with the C suite. Whether you’re involved in selling into C level prospects, or if you’re a senior marketer involved in ‘selling in’ your marketing plans, you might be surprised to know that the best way to engage with top level execs is almost totally opposite to the way most salespeople work. It was a bit of an eye opener for me personally, and here’s why:

Based on the modelling of top performing exemplars, those who were must successful – repeatedly winner bigger, and more profitable – work base their conversations on insight, and understand that to be a serious contender they need to be able to quickly create, and demonstrate value.

 We all know that the further up the food chain you go, the busier people are and the tougher they are to reach. According to Seraph Science, only 2% of C level execs’ time is spent with suppliers – or about an hour a week. So how do you break into that space? Read More

Taking risks, and The Ritz

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ritz01Yesterday, we took a big step into the unknown…but it was at The Ritz, which made the experience very pleasant indeed!

As you may know, only a few weeks ago we set up The IT Marketing Leaders Forum, a peer group on Linkedin for marketing leaders in technology businesses. We wanted to form the group to share ideas and provide peer support to the best and brightest in the space. That in itself has been a great success with already around 200 members. Read More