International Womens Day

Balance for Better

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As we sat in the office yesterday, working together, the same as every day, I inadvertently sent a small shockwave through the team. ‘How?’ I hear you ask…well it seemed to be such a small comment that caused much debate. I informed the team that I would be writing the blog today about International Women’s Day. Dah dah daaaaaaaah!

Zoe RookeWell this comment caused quite the discussion within our usually harmonious team…and I must add that it wasn’t a boys versus girls scenario, but there were obviously the usual jokey murmurs of “when’s International Men’s Day?” (19thNovember, for those who wish to know). However, it did prompt a discussion on industry bias, gender stereotypes and our thoughts on the feminist movement. I have to admit, I can be a little critical of women’s movements as I think all too often there is a desire for the scales to be tipped too far, but the #balanceforbetter motive has resonated with me. Opportunities should be equal and assessments should be based on performance and ability, not gender. I think balance is integral to most things we do in life, so balance in the workplace sits nicely with me.  Read More

5 ways a good agency will help you build the best MarTech stack for exceptional ABM.

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There are currently in excess of 7000 different tools and platforms available to marketers looking to enhance, optimise, automate and streamline their marketing efforts. It is therefore no surprise that MarTech is causing an integration headache for many companies looking to make processes better. Many companies already employ the core tech – a content management system, a marketing automation platform, a CRM and a business insights platform. However, successful ABM campaigns depend on deep personalisation, orchestration across multiple accounts, and the ability to harvest vital insights from the nuances of interactions and relationships. For this reason, they require more powerful solutions and bigger investments.  Read More

Beware the Frankenstack: 5 tips for taming a monstrous MarTech stack

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Is your marketing technology stack giving you nightmares? Sleep easy with our quick guide to building the perfect beast.

The rise and rise of ABM

Where a few years ago some may have seen Account Based Marketing as a passing trend, it is now firmly established as the latest must have for B2B companies – and for good reason, too.

Results show that in the right situations ABM is the most effective kind of marketing. So effective, in fact, that companies using it generate 200% more revenue than those who don’t.

Of course, none of that extra revenue comes easy. ABM can be as complicated as it can be effective. Successful campaigns require deep personalisation, orchestration across multiple accounts and the ability to garner insights form the nuanced conversations and relationships.

Doing this requires some real technological clout; capabilities that go way beyond the common automation platforms most businesses invest in. And here lies the problem…  Read More

5 ways to make your b2b social media marketing successful

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As of January 2019, the total worldwide population is 7.7 billion4.2 billion of which use the internet. Quite a staggering number. However, what is more staggering is that out of the 4.2 billion internet users, 3.397 billion are active social media users. This translates as 81% and this number grows continuously, with a new user joining social media every 10 seconds. Still think your social media strategy can wait?

It is easy for b2b businesses to overlook social media in their overall strategy as it is hard to master and many deem social to be a playground rather than a bona fide communications platform and news sharing device. However, Hubspot discovered that 75% of B2B buyers use social media to support their purchase decision. This highlights that social is becoming more and more influential in b2b and must be factored in to every business’s marketing strategy. But with almost 70% of b2b enterprises distributing content across either Facebook, YouTube LinkedIn or Twitter, how can you ensure your company stands out above the noise? Here are five tips to ensure your b2b social media is on point:   Read More

Sherpa continues to grow into 2019

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Sherpa Marketing have started the new year by bolstering their service provision for clients. The specialist technology demand generation and marketing agency have welcomed four new members of staff to their rapidly growing team of marketing experts.

Lawrence Copeman and Zoe Rooke have joined the client services team, Luke Hartley will be heading up the agency’s Inside Sales team and Katie McCraith has joined Sherpa’s brand-side marketing team.  Read More


The best time to follow up leads in 2019

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Marketing and sales alignment is something we talk about regularly at Sherpa…this is because ”wasted marketing efforts due to misalignment between marketing and sales costs $1 trillion a year”. That is a vast amount of money going down the drain due to poor lead management and follow up. Marketing teams generate leads for their sales organisations, but an alarming 79% never convert to sales, partly due to a lack of nurturing. So, what can we do to improve this? Using insight to refine and plan the follow up process is integral.

The Lead Response Management Study carried out by and publicised by the Harvard Business Review provides us with a framework on which to structure our follow up process. Based on three years’ worth of data, 1500 leads and 100,000 call attempts, they identified four key follow up factors:  Read More

5 ways to keep your marketing real

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With Brexit and the uncertainty of our future dominating our every newsfeed, it is not surprising that my social media feed is peppered with friends and contacts seeking comfort by looking back at where they have been. The #10yearchallenge is being adopted by young and old, individuals and companies, Jo public and celebrities; many of whom are celebrating changes or showing how far they’ve come in the past 10 years. Times have changed enormously since 2009 and the contrast between the slightly grainy images taken on our trusty Blackberries and the heavily filtered images of today is poignant. We live in a world where digital perfection is eagerly sought after and a Valencia filter is becoming a staple. But can we put a filter on our marketing efforts?

Absolutely not. Despite living in a world where people are shrouding themselves in a rose-tinted filter, they have little time for it when it comes from a sales and marketing perspective. Marketing is getting personal, it has been for a while and, companies have to be as real and as transparent as possible when marketing to these people. So, what can we do to keep our marketing as real as possible:  Read More

team values

team values.

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We made it. We got through the Christmas period and yes, there is going to be some hard graft to reduce the old body fat percentage, which is currently resting somewhere near that of a pork pie, but 2019 is looking promising and I am looking forward to the year ahead and what it has to bring. We have started the year well at Sherpa, welcoming four new team members into the fold and are already implementing our well-made plans for 2019 (we love to plan ahead!). In fact, with our financial year starting in October, we are well in to our FY19 plans.

It has been great welcoming new faces and personalities in to the Sherpa team. With the ever-changing marketing landscape, it’s so important to not only keep the existing members skilled up but also bolster that skill set with fresh expertise.   Read More

A ‘Marketing’ Christmas Carol

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Webenezer Stooge was the sole proprietor of Stooge and Harley Ltd. A strong salesman, he had taken control of his company after his business partner, a marketer named Harley had died. He was a solitary man who liked nothing better than burying his head in his sales figures and planning his next sales target, alone. He once had a big team behind him but he had no time for collaboration and luxuries like creativity and marketing, so slowly it had dwindled and he had become fixated on sales and closing deals. His only companion was a very kind marketer, Bill Hatchett, who despite being thoroughly neglected by Stooge, continued to do whatever marketing his lowly budget would allow. Hatchett dreamed of being able to indulge in more advanced marketing techniques, but he knew that Stooge would never take any resources away from sales, so would never have the budget to carry out PPC, advanced SEO or ABM campaigns. Read More

Marketing mixology – creating the perfect cocktail

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50 ml of Bourbon, one cube or teaspoon of demerara sugar, 3-4 dashes of angostura bitter, one wheel of orange and a dash of club soda. The perfect ingredients to make an Old Fashioned (a few of which may or may not have been sampled at the Sherpa Christmas Party on Friday…). But, how do you get to the end product? Throw it all in a glass and mix it up, surely? Well, yes…if you want a very average, slightly murky, bitty drink. Making the perfect cocktail involves a process to ensure the relevant ingredients are properly measured, combined at the correct times and the flavours are balanced. (do you see where I’m going with this…?). We learnt this on Friday, during our Christmas party cocktail making lesson and it suddenly dawned on me as I was trying to master the technique of muddling, that actually mixology forms part of what I do every day (there we go…).   Read More