Inbound Marketing – the simple way

By November 7, 2016General

Inbound marketing is about delivering the right content in the right place at the right time, thus creating marketing that people love. Instead of interrupting with cold calls and interruptive ads, inbound marketing attracts people to your website when they’re interested in finding a solution (yours) to their problem. Inbound marketing has four key parts, each leading into the next in a seamless flow.

1) Focused and optimised websites, blogs, targeted keywords, and social media that attract visitors instead of interrupting them with annoying marketing messages.

2) Smart websites convert these prospects into leads using calls-to-action to highlight high level content, forms to gather information in exchange for that content, and landing pages to convince people of the content’s value.

3) Prospects are assisted through their buying process using email lead nurturing, lead scoring, and follow up work flows, and closed-loop reporting to close those leads into customers.

4) Customers are delighted when smart content and lovable social media marketing delivers personalised content to keep them engaged while delivering ongoing value for the life the relationship.Inbound Marketing Made Simple

Hubspot have produced this simple image that sums up Inbound Marketing. Its basically saying that instead of focusing on EVERYTHING, inbound focuses on a few targeted techniques that might help find potential buyers/customers find you when they have made the decision in what they need. This can be done through social media, search marketing (from search engines) or through your brilliant content you create! Doing this will bring your business better and more qualified leads so your sales team can do their job!

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