ritz01Yesterday, we took a big step into the unknown…but it was at The Ritz, which made the experience very pleasant indeed!

As you may know, only a few weeks ago we set up The IT Marketing Leaders Forum, a peer group on Linkedin for marketing leaders in technology businesses. We wanted to form the group to share ideas and provide peer support to the best and brightest in the space. That in itself has been a great success with already around 200 members.

But the group was just the first part. The second part was that we wanted to be able to bring some of these people together in events that give us all an opportunity to learn new things, invest some time in our own self development and make sure we have the competitive advantage – for our marketing plans, our businesses, and lets’ be honest, in the recruitment market, too!

Yesterday was our first event…and it was fantastic! Only one very apologetic person couldn’t attend, and the group was made up of marketing leaders from a wide range of technology businesses – some channel vendors, some MSPs, some vendors with direct solutions and a bunch of others.


It was a workshop about selling and marketing to the C Suite and was chaired by the extremely knowledgeable James Harris, from Seraph Science. Here’s some of the comments we collected on our feedback sheets:

‘I’ve learn so much today and it has made me realise where I need to improve on my messaging and proposition.’

‘Very good use of my time and will recommend other events.’

‘Very informative. Focused on key engagement issues. Entertaining.’

‘Clear and obvious understanding of the subject matter and how to relate this to our own objectives.’

‘Knowledge, delivery, engagement were excellent.’

‘Excellent insight from an experienced speaker. Lots to use in my business.’

Putting on this event was a big risk for us. Financially it represented a chunky investment, and intellectually although it felt like a brilliant initiative to us, this would be the proof of the pudding. And the pudding was great! (In fact, all the food was pretty amazing, as you might expect.)


Lots of people talk about the importance of being authentic in your marketing. Well for us, this event felt really authentic – it goes to the heart of what we as a business believe in: doing more, better, for technology businesses. We are specialists in technology marketing. We know we do great work. But we want to continually expand our own knowledge; training, coaching and self development are key principles our business is built on. By putting together The IT Marketing Leaders Forum, we’ve extended those principles to others. We have no expectation of new business as a direct result of these events. However, what we do have is the opportunity to meet and learn from other leaders in technology marketing. We’re getting the inside view on what makes them tick and what concerns them, which is invaluable. We’re also getting to share this knowledge, through the output of the workshops with a much wider audience. So for us, the members of the Forum attending the events, and those just belonging to the group, we all get something new out of it. That’s a win, win, win. Which is pretty good for a Friday 🙂

PS You can join the group here to get access to the report download that we’ll be building to include key takeaways and exercises from the event yesterday.

PPS Our next event, about partner marketing will be on the 9th December, at Tower Bridge! (Whoop, whoop! We’re very excited about that location, too.) Again, more details will come through the group in the next couple of weeks.

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