homepageSo as we go into year 3 of The IT Marketing Agency, we’ve updated our website again! This is getting to be a bit of an annual occurance and some may say is just vanity, but actually I think it’s more a reflection of how quickly things change in the IT marketing space and the fact that we want to ensure we are keeping up and if we can ahead of those changes.

In fact, this iteration of our website has sent us in the words of Odyssey ‘back to our roots’ (oh yes, if over 40 you’ll now have a lovely little snippet of sound and vision that’s just popped into your head!). The reason for this is two fold really.

Fold 1

There’s just SO much jargon surrounding marketing these days that it’s getting hard for everyone who’s not at the bleeding edge of it to keep up. Yup, we know our Klout score and yes, we know what a marketing persona is. But programmatic…really? The science of advertising in the right place for your audience being billed as something new and fresh just because it’s online? ‘Smarketing’??? For goodness sake…who is actually thinking this stuff up?! To be honest, marketing seems to be going the same way as politics…somewhat up it’s own arse and believing it’s own hype. Now of course, I know there are lots of serious marketing people that do a great job. However, I know there’s also a lot of people trying to be hip, latch onto ‘the next big thing’ and fleece their clients for a whole lot of money by convincing them to invest in it.

Fold 2 

(have you forgotten what the folds were about already?) – wait for it…marketing is really NOT rocket science. There, I’ve said it out loud. It’s simply about getting the right messages, to the right people, and the right time. Now I’m not suggesting that this is necessarily as easy as it sounds…it isn’t. Companies wouldn’t keep getting suckered in by massive agencies to spend a fortune on marketing automation platforms, social selling and programmatic if it was. It requires a clear head, a clear strategy and the gumption to keep doing it. And not everyone has all of those things. But our original purpose in setting up the agency was to help technology businesses do better marketing as well as do marketing better.

We understand the IT channel and what technology businesses have to do to get found, get heard and get business. It’s what we’re good at. We like working in partnership with marketers who want to do a great job, and succeed. We like helping set strategy, planning for the long term and helping our clients reap the rewards of successful campaigns –both personally and professionally. For us, that’s not about doing the latest thing just because it’s in vogue. It’s about doing the right thing, because it gets results. And that’s proper marketing. So join us in the #campaignforpropermarketing

Got something to add? I know I’ve gone off on one a bit with this blog, so feel free to comment, disagree or say your piece, too! A healthy debate is all part of the fun.

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