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How to choose a marketing agency

The reason we’ve entitled this guide ‘How to choose a marketing agency’ and not ‘Do you need a marketing agency’, is because if you’re a business that’s serious about getting great results, growing your business, building your brand and attracting and retaining pro table customers, then actually, you need a agency to help you.

Of course, we would say that, wouldn’t we?

But actually just nding any old agency isn’t good enough. You need to nd one that will match your business needs and help you deliver the results you’re looking for. And there are a lot of agencies out there! So this little guide is to help you identify the type of agency you need, so that you don’t have to kiss quite so many frogs in the process!

Getting more from your Partner Programme

Are you a vendor or distributor with a partner programme? Do you wish it could deliver more? More engagement, more interaction, more uptake, more (dare we say it out loud) actual revenue?

Then take a look at our 5 step guide to increasing the power of your partner programme. In it you’ll find out why you should show your partners the love, how best to engage, and what they’re actually looking for.

From setting up partner advisory councils, to running EMEA wide, partner engagement programmes, our team has the experience to help you identify how you can set up (or improve) your partner programme to get the very best results.

There’s a hole in my bucket…

Whilst MDF isn’t as freely available as it once was, and there are more levels of justification to go through, which may or may not be a box ticking exercise, there is a still a lack of focus on delivering ROI against the original investment. Campaigns are often unmeasured, leads are regularly untracked and therefore wither and die and the expected ROI doesn’t happen.

Sound familiar? Read our Leaky bucket article here.

Marketing your MSP

The first thing to say here is that even if you’re not doing ‘much’ (or even ‘any’!) marketing, you’re not alone! At The IT Marketing Agency, we work with a lot of MSPs. Almost without exception they tell us sheepishly “I know I should be doing more (for which we read ‘some’) marketing”. Or “Here’s my card, but don’t look at the website, it’s being redesigned.” Or if they’re being honest: “I just don’t know where to start!”

So, here’s where to start. And by the end of this guide, you’ll have no excuse not to – so be prepared!

Marketing toolkit

This toolkit is designed to cover the cornerstones of marketing that are often forgotten once we’re all nose to the grindstone in the world of business.

There are short and simple exercises to help you re-focus your business on what’s important and templates to assist with pulling marketing collateral together, as well as hints and tips to help along the way.

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