why-agency-graphicNow of course I have to admit to an upfront bias with this piece, being the MD of a marketing agency n’all. But it is still surprising how many businesses I come across who are still not convinced that they need a marketing agency at all. So it’s time to put the record straight.

We work with a whole range of businesses, from huge multinationals where we advise and deliver EMEA-wide marketing strategy, to small MSP businesses with only a handful of people. And pretty much everything in between.

There tends to be 3 scenarios that we most often come across:

  1. A business with a Marketing Director and a small internal team
  2. A business with an in-house Marketing Manager
  3. A business that doesn’t have a specific marketing job holder

Each of these scenarios has it’s own challenges and as you can imagine, these vary from fighting for budget, getting exec buy-in or sometimes just getting some marketing done!

In each case it is unlikely that a single person, or even a small team can get every job that falls under the banner of marketing done. Marketing can cover everything from creating a strategy, to running lead generation campaigns, generating content, managing social media, events, PR…the list goes on. One person usually doesn’t have the skills (or time!) to do everything well.

This is why an agency can really help. By choosing and agency as your long term marketing partner, they can get to know your business really well, and deliver the service you need, across the disciplines you want. And keep doing it. Many people forget that marketing is a process, not an event. Around 70% of the buying process happens online now and this is where marketing can really add value by reaching further up the sales funnel. Also, it’s worth noting that new prospects will take typically between 5 – 9 ‘touches’ from you before they will consider buying from you. So you can see it’s really important that you’re delivering regular campaigns and activity.

When considering whether you need a marketing agency, another really important point to consider is that marketing is an INVESTMENT, not a COST. There’s a massive difference. An investment is something that you’re spending money on because you want and expect a return. A cost is something you expect to spend with no return. If you’re spending money on marketing with no expectation of a return, then you’re not doing it right!

To find out more and whether a marketing agency could be the right choice for you, as well as how to find a good one, and how to get the best out of them…download our guide here.

As always, we’d love to hear your views. After all, we’re not always right.

(Then again… 😉 )

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